Towbars Supplied​

We can supply all major manufacturers of type approved bars, such as Witter, Brink, and Westfalia.

Towbar Types

Flange Type Towbars


Flange type towbars have a seperate bolted on towbar, typically with the electrical socket mounted off to the side. These bars are practical in that various accessories can be added such as bumper guards, and certain types of bike carrier plates. With commercial vehicles, a ball & pin type coupling can be used also.

Swan Neck Type Towbars


Like the flange type, these are a permanent fitting, however they are arguably neater in appearance, and usually only a little more expensive than a flange type. Accessories such as bumper guards can not be used with swan neck bars.

Detachable Type Towbars


Detachable towbars have an  easily removeable neck leaving very little to see when not in use. Some detachable towbars even have a flip up electrical socket that hides behind the bumper when not in use. 

Wiring Types

7 Pin Single Electrics 


Also known as "12n". A single 7 pin socket that will provide all you all lighting functions apart from reverse lights.

Still the most popular choice for people who just want to tow trailers

7 Pin Twin Electrics 


Also known as "12n and 12s". A single 7 pin socket for lights, plus a supplimentary socket that provides reverse lights, battery charging and fridge power. This is still used by caravanners, although since the introduction of the 13 pin socket, it is less popular today. 

13 Pin Single Electrics 


Combining the 12n and 12s sockets in to 1, this gives you all the functions of twin electrics with the compactness of a single socket.  


Number Plates

DVLA Registered Number Plate Supplier


We can  print number plates while you wait, and offer a discount with any trailer hire. Please bring along your licence and V5 document.


Trailer Servicing

Servicing and Repairs

Whatever your trailer needs, we will be happy to help. From a new 7 pin plug,to a full service, our rates are low, and our work is of a high standard with over 20 years experience.

We can service all makes of trailer including Ifor Williams.