Radex 6900 Multifunction Lamp Unit (LH)

A new and revised version of the popular Radex 6800 lamp unit. This eye catching lamp is fully compliant with the very latest legislation for trailer manufacture and includes Stop, Tail, Indicator, Fog and Reverse along with an integral reflective triangle.

Fitment is via a 6 pin plug, and theres also a tail output which can be used to power additional lights such as number plate or side lights.

Dimensions are 170mm x 230mm.

The unit comes with 2x 6mm captive bolts for easy fitment.

Please note that the configuration of the lamp differs to the 6800 model and will not replace it without some modification.
a 13 pin plug will be necessary to utilise all functions including reverse.

For use with a wiring loom such as MP76704.


Please specify left or right hand when ordering (left hand shown)

Radex 6900 multifunction rear lamp unit